Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sticky Fat from Half Acre

I'm enjoying these first few days of autumn-like weather and the Labor Day weekend with a growler of Sticky Fat from Half Acre Brewing Company in Chicago. It was just released and will probably have a very limited availability (in growlers only at the brewery). Read their tale of the Sticky Fat Bear on the Half Acre blog here.

I always love ales brewed with fresh/wet hops, which Sticky Fat most certainly is. But it is also a very nice dark ale along with the hoppiness, so it has fantastic balance of flavor.

Sticky Fat was released on Friday September 3 and already has a grade of A (outstanding) on BeerAdvocate.

It may be the perfect kind of ale to get in a growler. With the ABV at a reasonable 6.5% and with the fantastic flavors in each pour, you can keep drinking this one all weekend.

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