Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chicago Craft Beer Week - Day 6 (Tuesday May 24, 2011)

Jak's Tap
1. Bridgeport - Kingpin Double Red Ale. My Rating: The glass is half empty

Haymarket Pub and Brewery
(has very good food).
1. Pizza Port (16 beers on tap)! This was definitely the most well organized and enjoyable tap tasting of this scale that I have ever been too! I had a lot of the beers - too many to list. It was especially cool to briefly meet with Haymaket brewmaster Peter Crowley and Pizza Port brewmaster Jeff Bagby and thanks to them for being so nice and letting me sit and have a beer at their table!! My Rating: The glass is full
2. Haymarket - The Alarm Double American IPA. My Rating: The glass is full
3. Haymarket - Fear American IPA. My Rating: The glass is full

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